trunk in switch



vlan between switches


PC1 sends traffic to PC2 after processing its host routing table. These nodes are in the same VLAN but they are connected to different switches. The
basic process:

  1. The Ethernet frame leaves PC1 and is received by Switch 1.
  2. The Switch 1 SAT indicates that the destination is on the other end of the trunk line.
  3. Switch 1 uses the trunking protocol to modify the Ethernet frame by adding the VLAN id.
  4. The new frame leaves the trunk port on Switch1 and is received by Switch 2.
  5. Switch2 reads the VLAN id and strips off the trunking protocol.
  6. The original frame is forwarded to the destination (port 4) based on the SAT of Switch 2.

Openstack Trunk

openstack trunk port

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